Mythological Sisters

Trumpet Duet

This is a set of three miniature intermediate trumpet duets focusing on developing specific skills on the trumpet. The three sisters are mythological creatures, with snakes for hair and gazes that turn one into stone. The overall character of these three miniature duets is nasty. This can help a young trumpeter practice accessing different emotions in their playing. “Euryale” is a study in trills. This sister, who was the second oldest, was vicious, with brass hands and fangs. She is especially noted for her bellowing cries, which is emulated in the obnoxious trills in the opening. Medusa was a beautiful maiden. Turning men to stone was defense mechanism for her, as the mythological story details she suffered at the hands of Poseidon. Of the three sisters, I thought Medusa was somewhat misunderstood. Her movement as a result is a little tamer, but still has a sense of unease. The movement is constructed as a round, which can help develop skills in timing and form. The final sister, “Stheno”, utilizes some more complex rhythmic figures. Stheno was arguably the most ferocious of the three sisters, having turned more men to stone than both of her sisters combined. This movement is marked “wild” and should be played without any reservations.

Mythological Sisters Trumpet Duet